Direct-Indirect Inquiry

Methods of collecting primary data

There is three different methods of collecting primary data:
 1. Direct Inquiry

2. Indirect Inquiry

3. Method of questionnaire

  1. Investigator or Interviewer as one who conducts the statistical enquiry.
  2. Respondent as a one person from whom the information is collected.

Direct Inquiry

  • As the name says, the investigator himself goes to the field, meets the respondents and gets the required information.
  • In this method, the investigator personally interviews the respondent.
  • This method is suitable when the scope of investigation is small and greater accuracy is needed.

Teena is a class teacher of class-XI commerce. She wants to collect data of Aadhar card number, contact number, E-mail id of students. So, if she goes to the classroom, directly ask to students and collect the data. It is called direct inquiry.


Indirect Inquiry

  • The indirect method is used in cases where it is difficult to get the information from the respondents due to unwillingness or indifference.
  • The information about the respondent is collected by interviewing the third party who knows the respondent well.

Ravi wants to take an admission in collage, therefore he has to collect reviews of different collages. He cannot get genuine information from collages directly so he collects information from website or he may ask to his friends or ex-students of that collage. This is called indirect inquiry.

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