Functional areas of management

There are five main functional areas of management viz., human resource management, production management, finance management and marketing management; which ...
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management as an art, science and profession

Management can be understood from various perspectives, and there are a lot of ways to define Management. Specific characteristics of ...
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Management levels

Levels of Management

Levels of Management are a term referred to line of differentiation among various administrative positions in a company. The levels ...
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Secondary data

In depth secondary data

What is Secondary Data? Secondary data refers to data which is gathered by a secondary party, other than the user ...
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Management functions

Functions of management

There are five functions in management: 1. Planning 2. Organizing 3. Staffing 4. Directing 5. Controlling Planning Planning means the ...
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Method of Questionnaire

A questionnaire contains a sequence of questions relevant to the study arranged in a logical order. Preparing a questionnaire is ...
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Direct-Indirect Inquiry

Methods of collecting primary data

There is three different methods of collecting primary data: 1. Direct Inquiry 2. Indirect Inquiry 3. Method of questionnaire Terminology: ...
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Quantitative and Qualitative Data

Whether it is business, marketing, physical science, social science for other field of study, data place vital role. That's why, ...
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Primary-Secondary data

Primary vs secondary data

Introduction The method of collecting information is divided into two different sections, such as primary data and secondary data. When ...
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Population and sample data

What is the Population Data? Whenever we here the term Population the first thing that strikes in our mind is ...
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